The P3 Center is a dynamic and sustainable statewide research consortium that supports strong cross-disciplinary research into the biology underlying plant-based bioproduction and drives innovative applications in areas of metabolic engineering, biomedical agriculture, biobased products and agricultural sustainability.

Primary Scientific Objectives for P3 Center scientists include:

  1. Develop plant transcriptome and metabolome profiles and utilize them for gene discovery and analysis of complex biosynthetic pathways as they function during development, and in response to environmental cues and biotic elicitors.
  2. Determine how plant metabolites function as signals to induce biotic defense pathways and examine the roles that secondary metabolites play in interactions with pathogens and herbivores.
  3. To utilize transgenic, cell-biology, and –omics approaches to delineate the post-transcriptional factors, such as cell endomembrane-based systems, source-sink relationships and oxidative status, which limit the stable accumulation of target products and biomass in plants.


The P3 Center has been funded by NSF-EPSCoR through its Research Infrastructure and Improvement (RII) program, and the State of Arkansas, since 2007.  Funding from NSF-EPSCoR is awarded to p3 as part of the Arkansas Advancing and Supporting Science, Engineering and Technology (ASSET) Initiative to the Arkansas Science and Technology Authority (ASTA) which manages the award, distributes funds to participating institutions, and coordinates statewide activities.  In 2010, the P3 Center was awarded funding from NSF-EPSCoR for an additional five-year cycle, totaling $6.7 million.

About: The P3 Center is focused on understanding the underlying mechanisms that drive the amazing biosynthetic capacity of plants and define the intrinsic “set-points” that control & in some cases limit the potential to synthesize and accumulate phytochemicals, valuable proteins, and biomass.

Research outcomes will impact important applications in plant biotechnology:

  • Biofuels and biobased materials
  • Metabolic engineering for human nutrition and health
  • Metabolic engineering for agricultural sustainability and climate change
  • High-value protein engineering and bioproduction

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