Daniel Berleant - Professor

Phone: 501-569-3488 (Office)
Address: University of Arkansas at Little Rock I Department of Information Science I EIT 562 I 2801 South University Ave I Little Rock AR 72204
Email: jdberleant@ualr.edu


University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Information Science

 Cluster Identification:
- Comparative Metabolomics Cluster

Research Areas/Expertise:
- Bioinformatics
- Transformative Technologies

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Research Summary:

My bioinformatics interests are focused in two areas, text mining and technology foresight. In text mining, my lab analyzes sentences extracted from the biomedical literature (the bibliome). We have worked on arabidopsis, corn, and various topics that are not species-specific. General results applicable across domains are sought in addition to results that apply to specific plants of interest. This type of work is naturally interdisciplinary, and is enabled by collaborations with biological scientists. In the area of technology foresight, the objective is to identify likely scenarios of future development. One methodology my lab uses for this purpose involves identifying extrapolation metrics that provide a framework for seeing past and present quantities in context. This can provide an interesting yet low-cost ancillary dimension to a wide variety of projects. The work is also highly interdisciplinary, drawing (and creating) value and energy from collaborations with others.

Selected Publications:

L. Zhang, D. Berleant, J. Ding, and E. S. Wurtele, “Automatic extraction of biomolecular interactions: an empirical approach,” BMC Bioinformatics (2013), 14:234, doi:10.1186/1471-2105-14-234.

    L. Zhang, D. Berleant, J. Ding, and E. S. Wurtele, “Automatic extraction of biomolecular interactions: an empirical approach,BMC Bioinformatics (2013), 14:234.

    M. A. Bauer and D. Berleant, “Usability survey of biomedical question answering systems” Human Genomics (2012), 6(1).

    M. A. Bauer, R. E. Belford, J. Ding, and D. Berleant, “ISDB: Interaction Sentence Database,” BMC Research Notes3 (2010):122, doi:10.1186/1756-0500-3-122.

    D. Berleant, M. White, E. Pierce, E. Tudoreanu, A. Boeszoermenyi, Y. Shtridelman and J. C. Macosko, “The genetic code – more than just a table,” Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics55 (2) (2009), pp. 107-116, doi:10.1007/s12013-009-9060-9.

    L. Zhang, D. Berleant, J. Ding, T. Cao, and E. S. Wurtele, “PathBinder - text empirics and automatic extraction of biomolecular interactions,” BMC Bioinformatics10(suppl 11)(2009):S18, doi:10.1186/1471-2105-10-S11-S18.

    J. Ding, D. Berleant, J. Xu, K. Juhlin, E. Wurtele and A. Fulmer, “GeneNarrator: mining the literaturome for relations among genes,” Journal of Proteomics & Bioinformatics2(Aug. 2009): 360-371. doi:10.4172/jpb.1000096.

    J. Ding, L. M. Hughes, D. Berleant, A. W. Fulmer, and E. S. Wurtele, “PubMed Assistant: a biologist-friendly interface for enhanced PubMed search,” Bioinformatics22(3) (Feb. 2006), pp. 378-380.

    Lab Members:

    Daniel Berleant, PhD, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
    Professor, Information Science
    jdberleant@ualr.edu; 501-569-3488

    Michael Bauer
    PhD candidate, Information Science

    Marico Howe
    PhD candidate, Information Science

    Key Collaborators

    Elizabeth Hood | Arkansas State University

    Richard Segall | Arkansas State University

    Robert Belford | University of Arkansas at Little Rock

    Michael Bauer | University of Arkansas at Little Rock


    Research Projects

    1. [Team Leader] NIH. “Arkansas Center for Clinical and Translational Research (CCTR).” 2009-2014. $19.9 million. (PI: C. L. Lowery, U. of Arkansas for Medical Sciences). Alternatively: [Co-PI] NIH Subcontract from U. of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. “AR Clinical Translational Science Institute.” 2009-2014. $545,000.
    2. [PI] NSF (0849627). “Collaborative Research: A Web-Based System for Modeling and Predicting Neurodevelopment Across Mammalian Species.” 2009-2012. $331,123.