Ganapathy Sivakumar - Assistant Professor of Bioprocess Engineering

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Phone: 870-680-4809 (Office) and 870-680-4351 (Lab)
Address: Arkansas State University I Arkansas Biosciences Institute I PO Box 639 I State University AR 72467


Arkansas State University, Arkansas Biosciences Institute/ College of Agriculture and Technology

 Cluster Identification:
- Comparative Metabolomics Cluster

Research Areas/Expertise:
- Synthetic Biology, Bioprocess and Metabolic Engineering

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Research Summary:

Sivakumar’s lab is currently focused in two major industrial research areas: A) Natural anticancer drug development, and B) Renewable bioenergy. Both researches are collaborated with multinational pharmaceutical and energy industries. Our long term goals are to build on the innovation and discoveries of: 1) plant-made potential anticancer medicine, while preventing side effects; and 2) to develop a next generation clean alternative energy and hydrocarbon sustainability. Sivakumar’s lab provides a unique opportunity to explore pharmaceutical and energy research.

Selected Publications:

Sivakumar G, Jeong K, Lay JO (2014). Bioprocessing of Stichococcus bacillaris strain siva2011. Biotechnology for Biofuels, 7: 62.

Sivakumar G, Jeong K, Lay JO (2014). Biomass and RRR-α-tocopherol production in Stichococcus bacillaris strain siva2011 in a balloon bioreactor. Microbial Cell Factories, 13: 79. 

Sivakumar G (2013). Colchicine semisynthetics: Chemotherapeutics for cancer? Current Medicinal Chemistry, 20: 892-898.

Sivakumar G, Xu J, Thompson RW, Yang Y, Randol-Smith P, Weathers PJ (2012). Integrated green algal technology for bioremediation and biofuel. Bioresource Technology, 107: 1-9.

Sivakumar G, Medina-Bolivar F, Lay JO, Dolan MC, Condori J, Grubbs SK, Wright SM, Baque MA, Lee EJ, Paek KY (2011). Bioprocess and bioreactor: Next generation technology for production of potential plant-based antidiabetic and antioxidant molecules. Current Medicinal Chemistry, 18(1): 79-90.

Ge X, Burner DM, Xu J, Phillips GC, Sivakumar G (2011). Bioethanol production from dedicated energy crops in Arkansas, USA. Biotechnology Journal, 6(1): 66-73.

Sivakumar G, Liu C, Towler MJ, Weathers PJ (2010). Biomass production of hairy roots of Artemisia annua and Arachis hypogea in a scaled-up mist bioreactor. Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 107(5): 802-813.

Sivakumar G, Vail DR, Xu J, Burner DM, Lay JO, Ge X, Weathers PJ (2010). Bioethanol and biodiesel: Alternative liquid fuels for future generations. Engineering in Life Sciences, 10(1): 8-18.

Sivakumar G, Vail DR, Nair V, Medina-Bolivar F, Lay JO (2009). Plant-based corosolic acid: Future anti-diabetic drug? Biotechnology Journal, 4(12): 1704-1711.

Lab Members:

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Key Collaborators

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Research Projects

2011-2014            Natural anticancer molecules: Bioprocess engineering and bioassay, Arkansas Biosciences Institute (# 262178)

Previous support:
2011-2012            Judd Hill Foundation (# 159004)
2010-2012            Department of Energy (# DE-FG36-08BO88036)
2009-2010            National Science Foundation Arkansas EPSCoR (09-EPSCoR-0086)
2008-2009            Department of Energy (# DE-FG36-08BO88036)


Key Expertise:
- Anticancer Drug Development
- Analytical Chemistry/ HPLC-MS and GC-MS
- Natural products/Biopharmaceuticals
- Industrial Bioreactors/Root Culture
- Metabolomics/Metabolic Engineering
- Transcriptomics/Genomic de novo Assembly
- Hydrocarbon Upstream/Downstream Processing
- Bioenergy and Bio-based Products