Jack Lay - Director Arkansas Statewide Mass Spectrometry Facility

Phone: 479- 575-2080 (Office)
Address: 12 Chemistry Building I University of Arkansas I Fayetteville, 72701
Email: jlay@uark.edu


Arkansas Statewide Mass Spectrometry Facility, Department of Chemistry, University of Arkansas

Cluster Identification:
- Plant Productivity ‘Set-Points’ Cluster
- Comparative Metabolomics
- Plant Interactions with Other Organisms Cluster

Research Areas/Expertise:
- Algae for Biofuels & Bioproduction
- Antioxidants
- Bioengineering
- Biofuels & Biobased Products
- Bioinformatics
- Fungal Genetics/Fungal Toxins
- Plant Secondary Metabolism/Metabolomics/Metabolic Engineering
- Phytochemicals & Human Health
- Plant-Made Industrial/Pharmaceutical Proteins
- Protein Processing & Trafficking
- Transformation Technologies


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Research Summary:

The primary research focus of this laboratory is the application of mass spectrometry to the solution of problems driven by the users of the facility.  As a core facility we provide critical measurements to users and members of both our sponsoring umbrella organizations, namely the NSF supported EPSCoR P3 Center and the NIH supported Center for Protein Structure and Function.  To this end we develop novel methods related to investigations in protein structure, metabolomics, lipidomics, primary and secondary metabolism, and related areas.  We provide similar support to investigators outside the NSF and NIH sponsored programs as well.  Our stable isotope laboratory also provides stable isotope ratio measurements, primarily to users in the geological, environmental, or space sciences.

A secondary research focus of the laboratory is the development of rapid screening methods for the characterization of peptides, lipids, and small molecules with minimal or no chromatography.   

Selected Publications:

S.D. Woods, R.D. Skinner, A.M. Ricca, A.T. Brown, J.D. Lowery, M.J. Borrelli, J.O. Lay and W.C. Culp.  2013.  Progress in Dodecafluoropentane Emulsion as a Neuroprotective Agent in a Rabbit Stroke Model.  Molecular Neurobiology.  48: 363-367.

Marvin W. Rowe,  Jenny Phomakay, Jackson O. Lay, Oscar Guevara, Keerthi Srinivas, W. Kirk Hollis, Karen L. Steelman, Tom Guilderson, Thomas W. Stafford, Jr., Sarah L. Chapman, and Jerry W. King. 2013.  Application of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide – Co-Solvent Mixtures for Removal of Organic Material from Archeological Artifacts for Radiocarbon Dating.  Journal of Supercritical Fluids.  79: 314-323.

Komal Singh Rasaputra, Rohana Liyanage, Jackson O. Lay, Jr, Michael F. Slavik and Narayan C. Rath.  2013.  Effect of thiram on avian growth plate chondrocytes in culture.  Journal of Toxicological Sciences.  38:93-101.

Ching-Shuan Lau; Edgar C Clausen; Jackson O Lay, Jr.; Jennifer Gidden, Danielle Julie Carrier.  2013.  Separation of xylose oligomers using centrifugal partition chromatography with a butanol-methanol-water system.  Journal of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology.  40: 51-62.

Beth Emerson, Bill Durham, Jennifer Gidden, and Jackson O. Lay, Jr.  2013.  Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry of JWH-018 metabolites in urine samples with direct comparison to analytical standards.  Forensic Science International.  229: 1-6.

Utkarsh Shah, Jackson O. Lay, Jr., and Andrew Proctor.  2013.  Significance of 4-Phenyl-1,2,4-triazoline-3,5-dione (PTAD) in the GC-MS Identification of Conjugated Fatty Acid Positional Isomers. Journal of American Oil Chemistry Society.  90:155-158.

S. Saengkerdsub, R. Liyanage, and J.O. Lay, Jr.  2013.  Suitability of Various Prepeptides and Prepropeptides for the Production and Secretion of Heterologous Proteins by Bacillus megateriumor Bacillus licheniformis.  Agricultural Food and Analytical Bacteriology.  3: 230-248.

Utkarsh Shah, Andrew Proctor, Jackson O. Lay, Jr. and Kwangyul Moon. 2013.  Determination of CLA trans,trans Positional Isomerism in CLA-Rich Soy Oil by GC–MS and Silver Ion HPLC.  Journal of Oil and Fat Industries.  89: 6.

L. Kannan, R. Liyanage, JO Lay Jr. R Packialakshmi, NB Anthony and NC Rath.  2013.  Identification and Structural Characterization of Avian Beta-Defensin 2 Peptides from Pheasant and Quail.  Journal of Proteomics and Bioinformatics.  6: 031-037.




Lab Members:

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Jennifer Gidden, PhD
Senior Research Specialist
jgidden@uark.edu; 479-575-6962

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Rohana Liyanage, PhD
Senior Research Specialist
rliyanage@uark.edu; 479-575-3985

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Erik Pollock
Lab Manager
epoloc@uark.edu; 479-575-4506


Key Collaborators

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Research Projects

P3 (NSF) Core Facility Related Projects:

  • "Perception and modification of biopolymers by filamentous fungi: towards the metabolic engineering of fungi to complement plant-based bioproduction strategies."
  • "Biomolecules at the intersection of medicine, agriculture, bioproduction, and nanotechnology."
  • Proposed new: USDA Sun Grant: "Identifying triacylglycerols and hydrocarbons producing genes in a new species of microalgae."

Protein Structure and Function (NIH) Related Projects:

  • "Investigation of binding of human IgE specific to galactose a-1,3-galactose."
  • Proposed new: "A non-invasive screening method for breast cancer using a proteomics approach."
  • Proposed new: "Microdialysis sampling to identify dysregulated secreted proteins in a rat diabetic nephropathy model."

Expansion of the Core Facility to Include Inorganic Mass Spectrometry:

  • In review: NSF-MRI: "Acquisition of a laser ablation-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometer (LA-ICP-MS) system to facilitate cutting-edge research and education."