Mariya Khodakovskaya - Associate Professor

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Phone: 501-683-2656 (Office)
Address: University of Arkansas at Little Rock I Department of Biology I 2801 S University Avenue I Little Rock AR 72204


University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Department of Applied Science

Cluster Identification:
- Plant Productivity Set-Points
- Comparative Metabolomics, Genomics & Metabolomic Engineering

Research Areas/Expertise:
- Abiotic Stress
- Antioxidants
- Bioengineering
- Bioinformatics
- Gene Regulation & Signal Transduction
- Plant Secondary Metabolism/ Metabolomics/ Metabolic Engineering
- Phytochemicals & Human Health
- Plant Tissue Culture
- Transcriptomics
- Plant Transformation

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Research Summary:

The major goal of our group is to develop new approaches for crop improvement using advanced methods of genetic engineering, molecular biology, and nanotechnology. We are working on understanding molecular bases for increasing the tolerance of plants to abiotic stress, enhancement of nutraceutical value of crops, regulation of plant size and biomass production, activation of seed germination, and plant growth.

Selected Publications:

1. Alimohammadi M, Lahiani MH, Khodakovskaya M Genetic Reduction of Inositol Triphosphate (InsP3) Increases Tolerance of Tomato Plants to Oxidative Stress, Planta, 2015, 242: 123-135

2. Lahiani MH, Chen J, Irin F,  Puretzky AA, Green MJ, Khodakovskaya M Interaction of Carbon Nanohorns with Plants: Uptake and Biological Effects, Carbon, 2015, 81:607-619

3. Lahiani MH, Watanabe F, Xu Y, Khodakovskaya M, Bris AS Plasmonically active nanorods for delivery of bio-active agents and high-sensitivity SERS detection in planta  RSC Advances, 2014, 4, 64985-64993

4. Lahiani MH, Dervishi E, Chen J, Nima Z, Gaume A, Biris AS, Khodakovskaya M  Impact of carbon nanotubes exposure to seeds of valuable crops, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2013, 5(16): 7965-7973
5. Villagarcia H, Morin A-C, Shpak ED, Khodakovskaya M   Modification of tomato growth by expression of truncated ERECTA protein from Arabidopsis thaliana Journal of Experimental Botany  2012,  63(18): 6493-6504
6. Khodakovskaya M, Kim B-M, Jong Kim JN, Alimohammadi M, Dervishi E, Mustafa T, Cernigla CE. Carbon nanotubes as fertilizers: effects on tomato growth, reproductive system and soil microbial community. Small, 2013, 9(1): 115-123
7. Villagarcia H, Dervishi E, de Silva K, Biris AS, Khodakovskaya M Specific surface chemistry of carbon nanotubes can determine their biological effects in planta. Small, 2012 8(15): 2328-2334
8. Khodakovskaya M, de Silva K, Biris AS, Dervishi E, Villagarcia H Carbon nanotubes alter plant   cell  division. ACS Nano, 2012

9. Alimohammadi M, de Silva K, Ballu C, Ali N, Khodakovskaya M  Reduction of inositol (1,4,5)–trisphosphate affects overall phosphoinositol pathway and leads to modifications in light signaling and secondary metabolism in tomato plants. Journal of Experimental Botany, 2012, 63(2): 825–835.

10. Alimohammadi M,  Xu Y, Wang D, Biris AS, Khodakovskaya M  Physiological responses induced in tomato plants by a two component nanostructural system composed of carbon nanotubes conjugated with quantum dots and its in vivo multimodal detection. Nanotechnology, 2011, 22: 295101.

11. de Silva K, Laska B, Brown C, Winter Sederoff H,  Khodakovskaya M  Arabidopsis thaliana calcium-dependent lipid-binding protein (AtCLB) – a novel repressor of abiotic stress response. Journal of Experimental Botany, 2011, 62(8): 2679-2689.

12. Khodakovskaya M,  de Silva K, Nedosekin D,  Dervishi E, Biris AS, Shashkov EV,  Galanzha EI,  Zharov VP  Complex genetic, photothermal, and photoacoustic analysis of nanoparticle-plant onteractions.  PNAS,  2011, 108(4): 1028-1033.

Lab Members:

Mariya Khodakovskaya, PhD,
Associate Professor, Department of Applied Sciences; 501-683-2656
Mohammed Lahiani
PhD student, Applied Science
Kamal Pandey
PhD student, Applied Bioscience

Diamond Shelman
PhD student, Applied Bioscience

Key Collaborators

Vibha Srivastava, genetic engineering | University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

Elena Shpak, plant development | University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Fabricio Medina-Bolivar, metabolic engineering | Arkansas State University

Nawab Ali, metabolic engineering | University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Alexandru S. Biris, nanotechnology | University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Research Projects

• Functional characterization of C2 domain calcium-dependent protein (AtCLB): a novel repressor of abiotic stress responses
• Study of effects of genetic modification of phosphoinositol pathway on light signaling and secondary metabolism of tomato plants
• Regulation of plant growth and development by ERECTA family genes in Solanaceae family
• Study effects of nano-size materials on physiology and genetics of plants
• Functional analysis of genes involved in response to sheath blight disease using virus induced gene silencing